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My design commissions are now open. If you're interested in one, please read the pricing and terms below. Thanks!


Bullet; Black All commission orders are dealt with through notes for me to keep easier track.
Bullet; Black Payment up front via paypal or point widget (please specify which way you wish to pay).
Bullet; Black I will only take one customer at a time. You can reserve yourself a spot on a waiting list by commenting on this journal and I will note you once it's your turn, but I will not take your order/money before I've finished the previous order(s). Please make it clear if you wish to be on the waiting list = your comment should be something along the lines of "Please reserve me a spot on the waiting list." If you're no longer interested once I get to you, no worries, I'll understand.

Bullet; Black You can ask for multiple designs, but I'd prefer not to do bigger batches than 5 at a time.
Bullet; Black I will not copy or heavily reference old designs by me or by anyone else. You can request a similiar theme to something I've already done, but I will not make exact copies with different colors etc.
Bullet; Black Please be clear on what you want and provide me with all information I need to make you a design you will like. If you know you want something very specific, please provide accurate enough reference or written information. I will do minor fixes to any and all designs free of charge (alter color, adjust markings, add small things), but if you decide you want something completely different or you are not happy with your design at all, you have two options:
    - I will make you a whole new design free of charge but I will sell the one you didn't want
    - You can pay me 3 USD / 300 pts and I will fix the first design (this goes for major changes, where I have to change a lot of stuff or start basically new)

This is simply because major changes can be avoided by clear enough instructions, and it is very time consuming and frustrating to have to do work in vain.

What I will / won't do

Bullet; Green I can design any animal, but I'm most familiar with horses and wolves
Bullet; Green I can do anything between realism and full fantasy, or mix the two
:bulletgreen: Designs can have accessories or be just plain design.
Bullet; Green I can design offspring for two existing parents
Bullet; Green I can also design equine tack 

Bullet; Red I will not design human characters or their outfits
Bullet; Red I will not design anthro characters
Bullet; Red I will not accept orders with "you get free hands", this is way too stressful and difficult for me! You will need to provide me with at least some sort of idea / theme of what you want.

The "base" price for a design is 10 USD or 1000 points. This goes for both designs and tacks.
If you want something very simple like a bay splash horse, I will lower the base price, but otherwise that is the minimum.

Pricing will go up with design difficulty. If you want super intricate, time-consuming markings or tons of accessories, I will charge more. For a super complex design I will ask 20 USD or 2000 points. 
So the pricing will be between 10-20 USD or 1000-2000 points, depending on what exactly you want. Once you tell me your wishes via note, I can give you the exact price.

Bullet; Black If you want unique lineart (meaning the lineart has never been used before and I will never use it for anything else again), it will be +5 USD or 500 points.
Bullet; Black Wings will be +5 USD or 500 points as well.

Bullet; Black On tack designs for +10 USD / 1000 points I will create a unique horse lineart, color your horse into it, draw a simple background and provide a blink animation. You can consider it a package offer.

Waiting list
I will do as many commissions as I have time and inspiration for, so I will not limit the amount of waiting list slots. Just please be aware that I might have to cut short before I get entirely through if there are a lot of names. Please do not note me with orders before I contact you (this will be in the order of the waiting list), as I will only take one order and payment at a time!
- AshleyInspirations

Questions? Feel free to ask!

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teeroo Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I'm wondering, do you take design commissions? I am in need of a baby(ies) design for a couple
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I do occassionally, but right now I'm a bit too busy to take on commission work, sorry!
teeroo Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015  Student Digital Artist
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